Marine Transportation Sector

The Council of Marine Professional Associates

The Council of Marine Professional Associates (COMPASS) is a Canadian National Organization whose mandate is to promote development of the marine transportation sector. Training Works, in conjunction with COMPASS, worked on a project to identify, map, and create training pathways for professional development in the Marine Transportation Industry.  

Training Works completed a training needs assessment on a cross-section of their membership (20 companies).  With this baseline information gathered, Training Works engaged in face- to- face meetings and telephone interviews with senior executives at each of the participating organizations. Once completed Training Works interviewed the organizations’ HR operational staff via telephone and face-to-face meetings to offer a clear baseline from which to build an inventory of skills and competencies required for employee success within the Marine Transportation Sector.  


From this this Skills Gap analysis, a Training Recommendation Report was created with the top 5 skills training priorities for this Sector. Training Works then sought out the highest caliber trainers to fill the identified gaps.

Human, Element, Leadership Management (HELM) was selected as the top training priority. In total, 48 employees were trained over four HELM sessions. The training was delivered by WrightWay Training Services based in the UK.  Training Works also facilitated the formal recognition of this training program by Transport Canada as a professional credit recognized under the STCW.