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Do you love working with and understanding how people and organizations learn ? Do you like architecting this information into innovative learning systems that will support, encourage and inspire people to learn and succeed ! Training Works ( is a knowledge development company and our passion is figuring out creative and innovative learning solutions for our clients. We are growing again and are looking for a Lead Learning Architect.

Please Note: This position will require some time in non-traditional workplaces such as: mines, aquaculture sites, oil rigs, etc. If you feel like you would not be comfortable in these settings, which is completely understandable, this probably is not the position for you.

A few things we are looking for:


-Can lead and manage people is such a way that they are engaged and inspired;
-Enjoys an adventure and gets excited about exploring new environments and ideas;
-Can combine data analysis, research, people observation and site observation to make connections that are not visible to the naked eye;
-Can communicate effectively with CEO’s through the continuum to front line people;
-Has a demonstrated ability to produce measurable results, with the ability to organize and prioritize effectively in a rapidly changing environment;
-Can link learning to organizational success and employee engagement and performance; and
-Can mobilize thought into action through targeted leadership.


-Through a process, can identify the skills, knowledge and competencies required for organizational success;
-Mid-level experience with competency modelling;
-Mid- level experience with evaluation (evaluation is very important in our organization for continuous process improvement and staying on the leading edge);
-Strong technical writer;
-Advanced research skills;
-Mid-Level knowledge of digital learning tools that help with knowledge transfer (learning management systems, apps, social learning, augmented / virtual reality, etc.);
-Mid-level budgeting, financial management and project cost control experience; and
-Strong facilitation and communication skills (both verbal and written).

Credentials and Experience

-Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Process Engineering, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Applied Psychology ….
-5 + years of experience with developing, managing, and delivering training, leadership development, and adult learning programs.
-5+ years managing and growing a team; demonstrated success in coaching and mentoring direct reports.

*Salary will commensurate with skills and experience

Please note – We are hoping the person we hire for this position will eventually transition into a senior leadership role in our organization. However, if you have less experience or a different degree that is ok because we recognize the power of cross-competency recognition!! If you think this position has your name all over it and you want to lead and grow along with our organization then don’t take your hat out of the ring. Our people our very important to us and if you fit us and we fit you, we will invest in your development.

A few things you will find if you work with us:

-We value our people and support them in their career development;
-We know balancing life and work can be difficult and we are flexible in our approach to work arrangements (children (furry babies too) are welcome in our office, they make us more creative!);
-We love what we do, and that passion makes our office a fun place to be;
-You will be working alongside a team that likes to teach as much as they like to learn; and
-We offer a full medical / dental and life insurance plan.

If this piques your interest, then we want to hear from you. Please send your CV to marianne@training-works.